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Why blog now?

Because life is too short to not be doing exactly what you want to do. I want to connect with those that resonate with what I have to say, feel and think. I wanted a space in cyberspace that is authentically me. I am a writer by trade but had chose to do everything else but my passion… until now. It’s 2023 and there is no time then today to do anything you desire, that’s how I feel. I am 24 years in my lifetime and I have much to share, expose and genuinely create a safe space of conversation. I am grateful to my own self for conquering my own diabolical fears and just doing the thing! Thank you for reading my journey. I will be consistent and dedicated to myself to see this website through!

That paragraph above is really all I should say but to give you more details and give you more to read…

All my life I’ve been told:

“WOW! You give such great advice!”

“I wish more people were here to listen to what you’re saying!”

“You really need to record your words!”

“You have enough stories to write series of books!”

And they were all right, I just didn’t believe I had that in me (at the time .. which was back in 2016). My response to many were ‘Just remember it?’ or ‘Listen to me then and just do it..?’ only because I hate wasting my breathe. LOL. I love listening to others and knowing the solution right off the bat and then being able to mind-blow them with something they truly could not get for the life of them. It’s so fun. But what I realized is just as people had the solution to their problems all along yet are blind to them due to distracting components of whatever situation they were in, I too had a similar “DUH” problem. My personal problem was that I didn’t want to take actions to such a CLEAR life path. I refused. Why? I have no clue. Like 0 idea why I didn’t just go for it like I’ve been preaching to others to do. So that was 2016 right? Here we are… in 2023 and I FINALLY said ‘Ok I’m gonna go do it’. Literally SEVEN F&@#*(% YEARS to just TRY. Isn’t that insane?! Like honestly.

And what have I been doing the past 7 years, you ask? Absolutely nothing.

Just kidding. Hahaha…

What I did the past 7 years was:

  • Get married at 19
  • Move away from home, Biloxi Mississippi to be exact.
  • Become a Starbucks barista
  • Get pregnant
  • Move to Colorado
  • Be Recreational Aid at a gym
  • Become a mother to a beautiful baby boy
  • Started my a small business as a Credit Repair Specialist
  • Go back to school from having dropped out (the first time)
  • Dissolved my credit repair business because I didn’t care for it
  • Become an Independent Life Insurance Agent
  • Dropped out of school (again)
  • Quit Life Insurance because none of my peers saw the value in it
  • Went back to school
  • Got a remote job being a Technical Engineer II (that’s right level two ;))
  • Quit because they didn’t believe in Equal Work, Equal Pay
  • Embraced Stay At Home Mom life
  • Got another remote position working in mortgage loan serving
  • Became a freelance photographer
  • Quit school for the 3rd and final time.

So… I shouldn’t say I did nothing… But out of all of those things, there was only one worth it all which was giving birth to my gorgeous son, Austin. Through it all, I know I’m now a seasoned version of who I was and have a lot more real-world practice and error to be of value to others out there. I was ashamed for some time of having starting things and quitting them because I just didn’t feel like going on and now IDGAF. I actually think it’s sort of a twisted flex of “hey… i can and have done anything I wanted when I wanted to and have been able to GTFO when I wanted to, too!” Most of the credit for my flexibility goes to my wonderful husband. My son and I have had a life of comfort because of his everyday choice to work for the military. I cry every time I truly grasp how fortunate I’ve been in this life so far and it’s really due to him. I have a whole Ode to my Husband piece that’ll be out in the weeks to come because a few sentences don’t cut how magical he’s made my life to be.

Ok so that’s what I did, done and been. Now I am a full time blogger and I’m going to be damn good at it, I know that much!!!! 2023 is here for me!!!!!!

2023 is for me

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