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I now reside in South Korea!

I literally moved 6,205 miles across the world! It’s unbelievable really. I will be here for the next 3 years! We arrived late August and since then have found the most QUAINT apartment I could ever ask for. My proximity to all things yummy and convenient is absolutely insane! I definitely haven’t the luxury of takeaway in 3 YEARS. Like seriously. So I am in heaven being able to have lazy nights! Other than my living situation, I was able to buy the CUTEST, most convenient sized SUV here for under 3k! Amazing right?! There is literally so much to share because this transition has been very easy and pleasant.

I want to share that my blog posts will be much shorter due to needing to provide y’all more content! I haven’t had any time whatsoever since starting my blog because of my big move and other things…… Nonetheless I am back at it with consistency! Also, if you haven’t already heard, since now I live abroad, I am now classified as an International Travel Blogger. You like that, huh? Ha! In all seriousness, I will be sharing all I’ve learned and continue learning through trial and error and beautiful serendipities!

I’ve been living in SK for 3 months now & I already have so much to share!

I would like to say for those who have subscribed to my email list: THANK YOU. I am utterly amazed that with a few blog posts, I am already creating community! To you few (for now) thank you so much and I’m doing this for you! You who know wtf is up and what you want in a virtual gal pal!

The weather here is just incredible and vibes are just right, to be honest. Hope this winter season is coming into full effect for you all! Def give in to all the feels the holidays bring out in you (good or bad because we believe in transmutation HERE my love!). I’m ready for all the magic I know December is coming in hot with!

I love you and if you ever want some advice (anything at all seriously) just write to me!

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