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It’s Sagittarius season and if you’re not one: start acting like one

There are so MANY things to be said about a Sagittarius (those born November 22nd to December 21st), and having seen and heard it all; they’re absolutely not wrong, not one bit. Let me just list a few:

  • Cosmopolitan says we’re “lively, passionate, smart and more philosophical”
  • InStyle says we “come off as dynamic, magnetic, exciting and funny”
  • Co-Star Astrology say we “encapsulate a relentless drive for freedom”

Obviously, I could totally keep going but you can search it up yourself and fall in love with all of the descriptive words the world has generously given us.

As a blessed angel of Jupiter myself, of course this piece is going to be bias AF but that’s the point… And I hope you get a clue as to why you should want to exhibit some of our characteristics at the end of this.

The need to share that I’ve evolved over the years as well as continually do so literally everyday is crucial.

Life is happenstance as I’ve discovered and being able to adapt and choose oneself through anything, and I mean anything; will ultimately be what allows you to want to live and experience all that there is out there for you.

Half of the things listed above came naturally, but the rest I’ve come to learn through trial and error and also being done. Being done with bullshit circumstances, bullshit friendships and conditioned, bullshit thinking. I want to encourage all of you reading this that everything is in your control, if you want it to be. I say this from a strong belief I’ve instilled in my heart many years ago. Your life, the people you’ve given the gift of your presence to and all that you have allowed to be apart of you and your daily living is a consequence of your own actions and thinking.

I don’t mean to be blunt (LOL if you did search up what a Sagittarius is all about you’ll be chuckling too because one reoccurring word is ‘blunt’) but you have to know now so you don’t have the excuse in your life that “no one told me so…”.


All you, baby love.

I have seriously shared this with all my friends at one point to where I come off as a major b**** but if I didn’t give AF, I would just dip because personally, I don’t stay when I waste my breathe and wisdom on people who continue to feed themselves illusions and drama.

So, back to the point (lol), the “freedom” part of Sagittarius’ is the fact that we don’t settle because we know we don’t have to. We actually know we don’t have to do s*** of what others want to put on our hearts and in our minds, that s*** is wacky AF and not for us. Why? Because we know better. We know that whatever fears, insecurities and hurtful insults people are trying to put on us isn’t actually about us, it’s about them. That’s why we dip and ghost friends & family, because again, we don’t have time for others’ bulls*** but our own. Read this paragraph again, slowly so you catch the bad b**** vibe.

“Who TF are you to help me figure out life?” A Sagittarius, that’s who.

This is easy stuff to share for me because I have done this throughout my whole life with friends, family and honestly, random strangers who start opening their mouths wanting advice. I have many posts to share on exactly how I am myself and what my life has become due to all that I’ve desired for myself. Being an authentic human being has come easily for me because I didn’t want to waste my life being cruelly advantageous.

When I was younger I made sure I got the grades I needed to make my mother happy, the boys I wanted to exhibit social power, the money to make sure I could afford all the brands and trends throughout college and lastly, the privacy to be mysterious.

I did a lot through focus but mostly this undying determination to be everything I wanted to exude for others. Again, not for me, but for other people… which all I had to do was just change the direction of my personal magic to myself.

Wasn’t easy, especially at first letting go of what people thought of me but I swear, the moment I came to terms with the fact that none of these b******* will ever be happy with me because they’re unhappy with themselves, my life changed for the better, seriously.

“What can you teach me right off the bat so that I can be more like a Sagittarius?”

To be you, unapologetically.


For real, whoever you are, whatever it is you want to act like, be like, feel like… Just do it. And do it soon, or else you’ll be stuck and end up wanting to die because you’re so unhappy and no one can help you because you never wanted to help yourself and you’ll be pushing 50 still living a life that you wanted to change midway. That was a tad dramatic, but it’s true AF.

I would say something practical for you to do is to start thinking about yourself more. Like start thinking “Do I actually like this? Like really?” and go from there with even the smallest of choices you have in your day to day. Here are some examples, my love.

  • ‘What do I feel like doing today?’ (even if you have prior engagements planned)
  • ‘Do I like how my space looks?’ (FUN FACT: I would change my room growing up every time I felt unsatisfied with my space and I still do it today with my own home)
  • ‘Is this comfortable for me?’
  • ‘What have I not had time for but say to others I wish I would do more?’
  • ‘Is this a reflection of me or someone else?’
  • ‘Why do I still have this when I don’t even like/wear/use it?’

Questioning small BUT STILL IMPORTANT details in your life are humongous steps to finding your authentic self and exuberating it to the rest of the world.

“When will I know I need a change of things in my life?”

When you feel the slightest bit of discomfort. Especially in things that you have been doing most of your life but now seem useless. You’ll know when you should take a step back and evaluate your way of being when things that gave you the most peace, comfort and safety… don’t anymore.

I can’t further explain because I’m not you. You need to know if you yourself are changing without someone to tell you so.

“Where can I go when I have no one that understands what I’m wanting for myself?”

You can come here. I’ve dreamt of holding a safe space for others who truly want to be seen and heard, purely out of love. We all want that, at the end of it all. And social media hasn’t allowed us to have that due to illusions and picturesque storytelling. Come 2024 my website will have a community and forum section that only those who have been vetted through me (like actually) will be able to access. I def have an inner knowing about people that I can’t truly explain, but I’d like to and also teach others to have the same. Don’t worry though, you will have a place to go online where you can say all the things, unapologetically and you will be comforted, cared, acknowledged or just listened to, if that’s what you personally need.

“Why would I want to be a Sagittarius when I can be *insert personal Zodiac sign here*?”

You know what? Then don’t. IDGAF. I was just sharing some magical goodness that your zodiac sign WISHES it had. Bye.

LMAO imagine?! ^

Hahahaha, to be honest with you, I just wanted to categorize some real and important aspects we all should think about doing and having for ourselves. It’s Sagittarius season and I wanted to say this now when it’s most appropriate and theme-fitting, hehe.

I hope I got you wandering…

I love you!

Appreciate any and all Sagittarius’ you have in your life, they’re not assholes I promise, they just know what life’s about and don’t want to waste any more of their than they already have!




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