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First month of the year has been extremely beautiful…

January 2024 was a month filled with intentional productivity

This past New Year’s had me so excited for this month that I felt like THAT GAL from the moment the clock stroke midnight.

I have the sweetest clip of my little family and I just relaxing on our 4th floor balcony of our cozy apartment in South Korea sharing blissful kisses while welcoming the New 2024 Year.

One thing I want to share right off the bat is that my house was PRESTINE Day 1 of the 2024 year. Like I’m not kidding. Our Christmas decorations were packed and out of our house by midday of the 1st. That small chore brought in BIG vibes. The getting sh*done vibes so there’s more in store for us kind of vibes.

Something I wanted to do this month was track my time and my use of said time to stay accountable and see literally what TF I be doing, hahaha. I wanted to visually see and read what I do in my day to have the opportunity to be and stay aware. I could be better at journaling consistently/daily but until then I just chose to use my handy dandy Note…s App on my phone and started from there.

So everyday since January 1, 2024 I have been summarizing what I do from wake up to bedtime.

It was quite simple and I’m so surprised I stayed consistent with it but what helped is that I kept thinking about it. Thinking about that first day of the month and to feed those feelings I felt of being capable and feeling accomplished. I wanted to basically prove to myself that I can be consistent with anything i put my mind to… I just haven’t picked what to focus on but I gave myself this daily task. *Also I made a widget so it was a big a$$ app on my home screen so I couldn’t miss it too lol*

I haven’t gone back to Day 1 of 2024 because it’s not the end of the month yet but I’m debating whether to continue it onto next month or stop at this first month and take on another consistency challenge? We’ll see. I’ll keep y’all updated.

This one little commitment I made to myself and have continued to do makes me so happy. Like not only happy but IMPRESSED. WHO IS SHE????!!! I was in disbelief that I’ve actually managed to stay intentional with myself. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but for a girl like me who does anything and everything for anyone else BUT myself… it’s an incredible accomplishment. I’ve seen a shift in my mindset as well as my energy levels. With the most smallest things, I care to make it apart of my day.

I care about what I do with my time now.

That’s something I’ve never bothered to fortify in my mind’s space. But NOW… I’m having thoughts of:

  • “What do I care to accomplish today?”
  • “How am I feeling today? And is that going to help me or harm my desires?
  • “Could I do a little more for myself today?”
  • “Will tomorrow me be happy for right now me?”
  • “Is right now me sabotaging tomorrow me? Like actually? No bullsh*t.”

Yes people… this is how I talk to myself LOL.

This doesn’t have to apply to every New Year’s so please don’t read this as someone who missed out on promising yourself something for this year and have “fallen short” or whatever. No. None of that here! I specifically chose January because this is a life changing year as was 2020 for me, but I personally am going to apply what I’ve done for this month to any first of the month moving forward!

I think that’s why I’m questioning myself on what to start February 1st because I want to continue growing in any aspect I am choose to feed and give opportunity to, you know? Ok so…

This whole month I’ve not only been doing the above to help me start my days of intentional productivity but also… I’ve been trying new things out that would scare TF out of me! Y’all thought I stopped with the AF/TF aspect of my blog posts huh… 😉 Nah nah nah. We are still very much doing that forever LOL.

Ok back to what I’ve been doing. I’ve been live streaming… Yeah. Crazy, right? Like actually pressing a button and boom- talking and sharing in real life time in the cyberspace. I know… I’m shook AF too. But I have been because my lovely husband got me ADDICTED to Fortnite.

Yes… of all things… F*cking Fortnite.

Me too, y’all. I’m SMHing too… but like AAHHHHH. Hahahaha it’s been real fun for me.

So I’ve been livestreaming it because this new found hobby I can play on my mouse and keyboard has taken quite a few hours out of my day and I wanted to track them somehow? So I figured I’d just stream and have company while playing or basically witnesses to me being good at the game. HAHAHAHA.

Super unexpected of me but happy I went out of my comfort zone! It’s something that has given me pleasure while I have leisure time which to my surprise is a lot of it…. *sweating emoji* That is one of the random things I started this month that I thought would be fun to share with you all.

Another thing that took me by surprise is that I hosted my first get together at our apartment here just 5 days into the New Year?! Wild right?! It was last minute for sure but it was great! It was great because I actually enjoyed myself and wasn’t the busy hostess I usually am? I legit had my food and home ready 2 hours before people arrived like again… WHO IS SHE?!?!! A gal getting her sh*t together, that’s who!

Our calendar was semi-filled up but it didn’t give an overwhelming vibe and plenty of things were spaced out because this month has been such a delight with how BALANCED it was for me personally. I went out with girlfriends & also stayed my a$$ home for a big part of the month, so I am real happy about that.

I don’t want to say I’ve been “doing the most” as of late but really doing my best to do what I know I can do and what I’d very much like to do with my time and energy.

I guess that’s what being intentional is all about? Purposefully keeping whatever it is in your mind while living your life to have that as a tool to enjoy your life more… maybe? I think so. I want to believe that if more of us would strive to be more intentional with not only what we do in our day but also what we say or share with others, our life would be way way wayyyy more easier than it has been!

Sharing such a simple concept but actually backing it up with my experience of life so far is awesome. I’m genuinely coming from a place of endearment to myself and all I’m doing for lil ole’ me!

As for the feeling of being productive, that all comes within you. Your mind has so much control on everything in your life: what you eat, what you do, what you say and how you feel. You owe yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself and try to control your life. With the smallest of things to then the bigger things in life.

Practice makes perfect and I’m practicing and being honest and will of course share when I falter but… I don’t think I will?


Well, because I’m saying I won’t and that in itself doesn’t make any space for invasive negative thoughts or actions to try and f*ck me over. I am keeping the power of my mindset and desires so they happen and not be sabotaged with like they have been for most of my awareness of life.

^ Seems like a lot.

It isn’t.

You got this!

Just like I’ve got this!

I love you!

Stay unapologetically you.


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  1. Faith Dea
    29 January 2024 / 06:43

    Look at you! Did not know you’re blogging! I need to get tips from you girl!! Proud of you