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Amber Lindsay Martinez in Pyeongtaek, South Korea in April of 2024.


I love the times we’re living in, am a young mom and enjoy blogging about all things spirituality, open-mindedness and things no one else wants to bring to discussion. If you also:

  • love having a positive outlook on life even when most people want you to be miserable…
  • create good experiences for you and your family
  • consistently explore your inner-self to continually evolve
  • enjoy to cuss, want to dial it back… but also DGAF

then I see us being besties for the MF rest of our days. If that’s the case, then there’s no gatekeeping in all things I’ve learned thus far in my life. You being here means you’re open to all the personal insights and secrets of life I have to offer to those lucky enough to have found me.

One thing I must share right away is…

This is my dream!! My absolute DREAM!!!! To have a safe space of my own and also be able to HOLD space for others who resonate with my words and feelings. I am a human who absolutely lives in the frequency of gratitude and I am just so grateful you’re here!!!! Also, I cannot, for the life of me, just apply one exclamation mark… because to exclaim is to cry out and YA GIRL IS CRYING OUT INTO THE CYBERSPACE WITH ALL OF MY BIG EMOTIONS!!!!!

About Me

Hi, I’m Amber Lindsay!!!!

I have had many hats I’ve put on and I’m only 24! The amount of life lessons I’ve had throughout my lifetime is insane and my life has truly ONLY begun. I would love to bring up my whole backstory of how I’ve come to be where I am today, mentally and emotionally, but you’ll have to read my blog religiously to really REALLY know me ๐Ÿ˜‰ All I want to share about who I am is that I am truly not confined to set labels or characteristics because I am an ever-evolving being. I am purposefully and consciously living from an authentic and pure version of myself everyday, which is easier said than actually implementing but nonetheless it’s effort and grace we give ourselves everyday to continually evaluate our thoughts, emotions and actions. So basically, I’m just really deep and we need more humans in this beautiful world to WANT to be more purposeful with their words in conversation and thoughts through their everyday lives. Please read this whole paragraph again slowly with an empty mind to really grasp what I’m trying to tell you.

Choosing to give life to your soul every day is something not many do because they don’t know how and when they do find out how, they don’t know how to keep it nor feed it. Have no fear though, I’m here for you and will help you find ways to incorporate all the good things life has to offer you in your everyday life. Why? Because I love you.

No, seriously, I love you. I know I’m just some random blogger you magically came across with and haven’t even read any of my posts yet but, I FOR REAL LIFE, love you. I am blogging and sharing not only my thoughts, feelings and aspirations but also my love. The world (mostly, cyberspace) needs more love. I am choosing to give love because I want love. Remember the Golden Rule? Yeah, that’s one rule I truly follow because it’s SO powerful. I have been gifted with such a pure, genuine voice that nurtures souls that I have no choice but to share and hope I heal those who want to heal themselves and don’t know where to start.

Start here.

About the Photographer

The photographer behind Amber Lindsay Mar blog is Lens N See By Lindsay. This is my photography business I own as a freelance business photographer. I had always had a passion for photography and it just made sense for me to turn my passion into a job. I love the flexibility it gives me as a mama and being able to capture the true essence of people and inanimate objects, to be honest! I wanted to be a photographer you’re not awkward with but comfortable AF and trust easily to give you timeless pieces of… yourself really! The job came naturally and I mostly focus on business portfolio to meet business owners and help them with important expenses photography comes with such as advertising and marketing. I use a D5300 Nikon (for now) and also my iPhone 14 Pro Max for my Foodie tendencies (hehe). You can check out my photography business’s Instagram whenever you want!!!

Be you, unapologetically.

“This is the way” from The Mandalorian AKA the only way to be yourself is to be unapologetic AF doing you.