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A Love Letter to My Readerđź’Ś

love odyssey mindshift
LOVE depicted by Odyssey Mindshift

To My Beloved Reader,

Thank you for searching for whatever it was that lead you to me. Although we don’t know each other quite well just yet, I am grateful. I am grateful to have a meeting point that transcends space and time (as my favorite person on this Earth at this time, Maryam Hasnaa, says so accurately). Cyberspace is incredible and although at times it leads us to be distracted from ourselves it is a tool that allows us human beings to connect from anywhere and at every simultaneous moment we share at all times.

Before you dive deep into my soul via blog posts I want you to know something about yourself. Yes… I know something about you that you yourself don’t know yet and it’s this:

This life makes perfect and and no sense at all. You are nostalgic and annoyed at all the consequences, good or bad, that happen everyday. One thing that confuses you is if you’re alone in this life and worthy of actually living it. I know that this magical world and time we’re living in today is better because the it has a unique version of itself manifested in your name, your voice, your human body and your incredible thoughts. There is only one you (until they hack cloning) and that’s f*^#&$@ fantastic. I wouldn’t want any other you reading my blog today than you yourself. You come with experiences I’ve never had the opportunity to have. You bring to the table no one can ever know or do that you haven’t already done and know. You are someone I am so honored to be with me in cyberspace. Whether you believe life unfolds on its own or not, you and I are one in this space I call my website.

I want you to feel my words. Hear my heart. And understand my soul through all I give. If you can’t then that’s fine and I’m happy to have crossed paths with you no matter the amount of time you spent with me. If you do, I will forever be pleased that through the internet we found each other and won’t lose each other.

I promise to be consciously aware in what I say and feel for you to comprehend what I try to convey in all things. This is an open and safe space that will fuel our momentum for things of this life. If you misunderstand me or want more clarity in anything I share, please don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me. Will I correct myself? Depends. Will I give you more insight for you to know where my intentions came from and what my point was? Absolutely.

I didn’t want my love letter to you to be long but please know this letter will grow with time and help from you.

I love you but you can only accept the love I have for you if you love yourself, and if it’s difficult for you to accept my love, it’s ok. I’m here for you and to help you accept, expand and overflow love for yourself. The most important person in your life is you.

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